A curser

A curser is a very peculiar insect It’s not small like an ant or money spider, it’s absolutely humongous!!!Nobody knows when it was  First spotted in 2021. Did the beast eat any people? who saw it? or Are they extinct nobody knows…


Its nest are underground  and hey don’t lay eggs but they have  littles pixies. Those pixies always have a candle in there hand flying around the place.  But after about 20 years a small green  glow surrounds the poor thing and its wings melt, there skin goes grey and they turn bigger  and bigger until there A WORLD EATING GIANT  WORM! 

The abilities of a curser are  extremely dangerous If his large three eyes stare at your for 3 seconds your brain will pop and your soul will split into two. A curser makes a  certain whistle that calls  people for a warning. Several people  think  its mouth is the most powerful thing of a curser. When it is enraged   a  Cthulhu beam (also known as the voodoo  curse) shoots out of its mouth,  instantly dissolving everything in its path. Most  People think a curser  is invincible . 

It has grey skin at first but then has  dark green skin instead. Its mouth  is  10 meters wide and 7 meters tall. Its deadly blood thirsty fangs  can split your back in half as well. Its Speed is 50 meters every 4 seconds and is 137 meters tall.

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