This morning, Hopkin heard a noise so he woke up and nudged his sister Peskin and said we have to leave quickly. They ran on the warm, green grass as fast as their little legs could carry them. They ran past trees, leaves, foxes and wolves. They saw the Gorm patrol and they snuck around them without making a noise.

Finally, they had left Water Woods and they had to cross Weepy Waters. There was a boat tied up and no one was looking so Hopkin, Peskin and little Mo stole it and got across the river in about 25 minutes and they walked on the foothills of some unnamed mountains. There were rocks and they were hurting their feet. They walked to Colossal Castle in Goblin Kingdom.

They hide in the attic where all the food was. Goblins lived here and they hated the rabbits. All they heard was laughing and joking all night. Then the next day, the Goblins went into the attic and found them hiding…

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