Dance goblins

Why is it that dancing goblins have the exact same similarities? Dance goblins only dance amazingly on special occasions like on a birthdays or when another dance goblin is born. They never mean to harm anyone they just want you to dance with them. They hate when another goblin dances better than them.

All of the dance goblins have dance birthmarks but in different places on their face. They have normal skin color but only special dance goblins have lilac skin. They always have music note jewellery on them at all times. They have thin rainbow hair and lilac edges that they get when they are over five years old. They are extremely clever when they are focused on something really interesting that they are into and want to learn about it more.

Dance goblins live in vents in dance studios special goblins live in gingerbread housesor candy corn houses but most of them eat them . They always want sweets but never vegetables to dance goblins vegetables are disgusting for them so they never have vegetable houses thats why they don’t have vegetable houses.

These dance goblins cousins hate dancing. But why are they called dance goblins then? When their cousins auntie or uncle is dance goblins that means their dance goblins but they can never change their goblin type . They never were vegetarians but they show some interest in vegetarian goblins also they respect them. They only hate when people are mean and harmful as they might lash out in anger.

They all will team up on the save the extremely amazing on the popular dance campaign because she is poor and want to be rich again like when she was because she wasn’t very nice to her fans. Everyone can join the group if they love dancing but not that good but there is loads of rules to get in the group. But paige might be the new famous dance goblin.

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