The library goblins.

Why is it that library goblins have interested of goblins whisperes over the year?perhaps they have been reading magic books because they read a lot of magic books and they are a legendary type of goblins and how they are legendary it is because library goblins have a rare type of powers.Generally they are out in the day and at night because no one hut library goblins and it shows that they are kind and helpful. And if you approach library goblins they might attack if they are not in a good mood.

How library goblins are born?
Library goblins are born with vilet hair and are waped in iris wool but boy library goblins are waped in a Arctic wool.And babys library goblins are put in a book cribs a girl is giving a purple blanket a boy is giving a blue blanket.

What are the library goblins habitats?
The library goblins live in book vill they live in book homes and the trees are soo magical they give you free magic books.And the oldest goblin that live there is Linder she like to read magic books she helps offer goblins help with reading,writing and spellings.

What food library goblins eat?
Library goblins eat Apples,Mellons,Grapes and Carrot. But they also eat purple food like purple ice cream,purple juice, purple cakes. Baby library goblins eat purple baby food,purple milk and water.Teen goblins eat blueberry,raspberry,purple drink and a legendary purple milkshake.

Saving the library goblins campane?
Save the goblins company because library goblins that don’t have homes and need the money for the homes.They need food,they need to keep warm and eat to help the poor.But the library Queen said to keep book vill location a secret ! and in the winter to frow away rubbish in the bin so they do not put it in the sea.

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