Information about an ocean goblin

Why is it that ocean goblins are interested in goblin whispers over the past few years?Which are rare form of ocean goblins and they are deadly to be friends with other goblins.They are most likely to be friends with different ocean goblins only and they only share secrets with other ocean goblins. Appearance
Ocean goblins sometimes like to make there own clothes with seaweed but they normally wear Green pointed ears,red-broad-brimmed shoes,wooly jumpers.they also have small eyes that are normally coloured blue or green goblins tiny bit of grey. Mysteriously you wouldn’t see the little bit of grey but when you do that means there keeping a secret.

Most ocean goblins like to live in the ocean but would you belive they actually like fo sleep in caves they think its more peacefully then the ocean. Inside there caves there’s big beds,indoor plants they also have enormous homemade chairs which are made out of seaweed. The reason they don’t like to sleeping the ocean is because there’s to many creatures like sharks,two fish,narwhal and a octopus they sometimes go sit on a cloud so they can see birds.

Sometimes ocean can be naughty but good at the same time she is nice to over goblins and humans but sometimes she can be a bit snappy she doesn’t like when people pick her up that’s when she can get snappy but she is normally good.

Save the ocean goblins campaign
Our save the goblin campaign has been getting out of control David Battenburg is spreading all the goblins secrets and none of the goblins are happy they are all trying to hunt him down.

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