I Want To Paint Autumn

I want to paint the sound of a crispy, crunchy leaf which is crushing like a packet of crisps underneath my boots.

I want to paint the smell of a crisp, autumn morning that is swirling around me quietly like a silent tornado.

I want to paint the taste of a fine juicy blackberry that’s falling from the bush before it’s gobbled up by a pesky crow.

I want to paint the feeling of a fresh and earthy morning breeze playing around my ears.

I want to paint the sight of a gleaming, chiffon harvest moon- shining brightly like a necklace hanging on God’s chest.

I want to paint the vision of a scurrying, scuffling squirrel climbing high up a leafless tree.

I want to paint the memory of last year’s lumpy, orange pumpkins observing silently over my doorstep.

I want to paint the feeling of a spikey hedgehog sleeping in his hibernation as deeply as Snow White.

I want to paint the sound of smooth, hickory-coloured acorns dropping into a bed of caramel leaves and hiding beneath.

I want to paint the sound of a burnt out, blackened bonfire scattering its ashes across the stubble field like confetti.

I want to paint autumn.

3 Responses to “I Want To Paint Autumn”

  1. I like every think in it but I think you should make it a better by a bite.

  2. Alfie-Forest Academy October 4, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    I like how you described the moon in such an interesting way.Where did you get the idea of the Spikey Hedgehog?I think you could add what kind of crisp were they.

  3. We think ‘observing silently over my doorstep’ is fantastic description…I’ll be pinching this for my writing in school.
    Olivia and Theo, St Edward’s Darwen

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