Winter Blossom

Winter blossom.

Winter Blossoms roots twirl like a blue ballerina,

Their petals are as ginger as a chubby cats fur

Its stem is as white as an albino monkey sleeping on the grassy grounds.

Winter blossoms pollen is as dark as the glowing mid-day night

The Winter Blossom can only blossom when windy, freezing cold winter is here

It is as transparent as a white, clear glass so it can hide to reflect on the snow

When the cold snow drops from the grey, cloudy weather.

It has energy as strong as a phone getting energy from a charger,

The Winter Blossoms bark is as blue as the arctic ocean full of rocky, colourful coral reef.

There are flowers on its grassy, green leaves while the Winter Blossom is blossoming in the winter as it only gets grown in the cold, dark winter as it can not hide in the Boiling seasons.

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