The Valley Orchid

  The Valley Orchid


The Valley Orchid’s long sturdy stem 

shines brightly like a car’s beaming headlights at night,

 blinding the sights of any unsuspecting creatures.


They are found in 

deep, dense

 forests hidden under colossal mushrooms. 

Not to be confused with the buttercup bells,

 which also lurk under large mushrooms,

 and are easily identified

 by their blasting yellow petals.


Its roots are like diving daggers 

driving into the ground like a chainsaw

drilling into a thick withered weeping willow and 

its long twig-like branches 

grasp and pull on trees and strangle it 

until it decays and cripples to the ground.


But it’s rigged petals are shaped like crying raindrops

moaning hysterically luring you to it as it clings 

onto its neck and suffocates its prey.


Its leaves are a jagged rough texture,

so sharp it can easily slice through any substance.

But it’s manipulative sickly green colour 

Is traumatising to stare at.

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