Cotton Candy land by Teresa

Hello welcome to my document. Today we’re talking about pollution. Outraged as I am I believe there is hope. Sadly over 63% of Cotton Candy waters are polluted. Although there is pollution there is logging such as companies cutting down are fluffy trees. They have a lot of interest in them such as the fluff on top and the soft bark. O2 has been depleting and the air is thin and some areas are blocked off. From the air level there. But are habitats are plummeting. Sulk dragons are nearly extinct because they are being killed for their meat and the sweetest tears ever. Then the morn pig  is known for its delicious meat and it’s beautiful horns. But the wisdom trees has never been killed because they have powers of nature and turn you into a rabbit or a deer. Although this is very strange because it can turn you into a animal it’s kind and sweet and might spare you. Today their has been a strike that they should cut down the wisdom tree but it produces the most o2 then any over tree.

But what can we do to help well… donate! Donate to help stop logging, pollution and poaching. Why are you doing it? Well it can help form are future and let’s hear a kind girl who donated. There was a girl called Sara and she lived in Africa in the south and it’s very warm and she is in a poor city and she has donated over 10 pounds and we have sent two bags of sweets and a thank you card. We have banned logging, pollution and poaching now and so we need to fix the damage.

At and donate. Be apart of are community.

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