crystal mine world


Are you children ever bored at the weekend? Well come to crystal mine world! The funniest place on earth! You get a free house and a few coins to go to the crystal park.


Go to the crystal park there is incredibly amazing rides like crystal hunting and you get to keep the rare crystals in crystal park and you get sprayed with water at the end of the crystal hunting ride.


You can go to the gift shop , it has teddies , notebooks , pencils and pens , key rings , coffee mugs , flag , socks , shirts , hats , wands , picture frames and banners!


We have 2 dolls that we have made 1 of them are called Ezra. Ezra has  adorable white and black hair she is shaped like a cat and she has nature green eyes and  a black tail , black ears , and a yellow smiley hoodie. Only $6’99. 


The other one is called dembay he is shaped like a dog and has curly short fur and he has ocean blue eyes and he wears a orange hoodie. Only $6’99.


We are giving crystal mine world tours only $2’99 per person.

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