Waves Water park

Come to Waves water park where the fun never ends!

Our most famous ride is ‘Splash’ but our tallest ride is a slide, but it’s not just an ordinary slide,  it is an extraordinary  50 meters tall and has more loopy loops and corkscrews than you have ever seen before.


Our mascots are Daffodil and Donald, can you guess what animal they are? Well they are in fact dolphins that are always getting up to mischief.


Taste our delicious burgers and more, but if you are looking for a more healthy option try our salad bars, our most famous restaurant is called I Sea You.


Don’t forget to dive down into our illusion room or go to our gift shop called Shells.


Don’t miss out on our firework display this July the 12th where our glow in the dark dolphins finally glow because they only glow 1 time in 5 years. So don’t miss out and book your tickets now before it’s too late!

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