How to look after a baby lizard – Freddie

How to look after a baby lizard!

Have you been given or bought a baby lizard, but you have no idea where to start? Well, read these instructions and your pet will quickly fully grow and develop.

What You Will Need

  • Blankets
  • Living area/space
  • Toys
  • Green silky sheets
  • Green fake vines
  • A baby lizard


Firstly, find a space to use as your perfect spot. Make sure it is at least 32x32cm.

Next, Place some blankets so your cute, spiky lizard can lie to sleep.

Then, use the Fake green vines and your green, silky sheets so your lizard can camouflage in the area.

After that, use your toys to make an enjoyable area. Then, you should take your cute, baby lizard for daily walks in the parks and ensure cats and dogs do not attack, and that you don’t loose your lizard.

Finally, Take your lizard for regular registration at the vets.

Ending Paragraph

That’s how you make a great place for your lizard to enjoy step by step.

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