Making a dragons den

How to make a dragons den.

  1. Find a box to build your den on.
  2. Next mix the paste and tear the paper ready to make your cave. My dragon will live in the cave.
  3. Then find something like the shape you want the cave to be. Then add the paper to the paste and wrap it around the object. I chose a bowl. Once you have made enough layers leave it to dry over night.
  4. After that, plan on your box where everything will go. I planned where the cave would go for the dragon to sleep. I also planned where the river would go and the rocks and the grass.
  5. I found some pretend grass from my garden, some stones to paint for the river and some rocks for my dragon to sharpen his claws.
  6. Later on I pained the cave and the stones blue for the river. The river is there for the dragon to wash and drink from and the cave is there for him to sleep cosy.
  7. Finally I placed everything where it needed to be to make my den.
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