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Looking after a baby dragon

What you need

Have you just got yourself a baby dragon? A pet dragon is not easy to care for and you will need to follow these instructions to look after it. If not, you may find your dragon becomes a fiery pest!

What to do…

1. Create a bond. After it hatches, get a bit of meat or fish. Put the meat at the bottom of your hand, closest to the elbow. If the dragon is hungry, it may:

· Go around your hand and get it from there.

· Get scared and won’t move.

· Climb onto your hand to get it.

· Do this once a day and it should trust you in about a week. You should have a bond, but if you don’t, keep feeding it from your hand until you and your dragon are bonded.

2. Train your dragon. Once you have the bond, you can start training it. When you have its attention, flap your arms like a bird. It should do the same. While still flapping, run and jump. It should do the same. Get your hands ready to catch it if it falls. It will probably keep trying. That is how to teach it how to fly.

3. Reward it! When it does something good, like flying well, give it a small dog treat or a little bit of meat or fish. When it does something bad, which dragons rarely do, firmly say no. Never hit a dragon as the dragon might try to run away.

4. Make it a bed. Build or get a little box. Get some face cloths, then get an oven glove. Put the face cloths in, then the oven glove. Your dragon will sleep inside the oven glove because it feels safe.

5. Watch what your dragon eats. Most dragons are allergic to chocolate and flowers. Some dragons may have no allergies, and some may have many. Just make sure you do not let your dragon eat what they are allergic to, it might get sick. But some healthy foods for all dragons are meat, fish, and rice. Different dragons like different food. For example, any type of dragon that has something to do with ice loves ice and should be fed ice at least once a day. Fire dragons love chilli peppers.

chapter 1 the rabbits adventure.

Finally they were ready it took so long to get ready.

The next after noon they got a strange letter that popped through the black window it said that your worst nightmare was coming for them. no one wouldn’t be safe with them. there worst nightmare lived in the big castle up in the clouds it has lived for 900 years. it was made of bones and mettle the bones were from a bull and the mettle was from a game.

so the 20 rabbits set of on a daring mission to there destination at the mount Everest. the had to go past the river through the dark jungle over the ocean under the the deep swamp and round the dragons then mount Everest. it would take a month to get there and a month to *** back if you are going the right  way here is a map to follow.

They set of at once they walked and walked and walked until they saw the map every were they walked the map would draw were they went it was enchanted . they cared on there journey to mount Everest but they saw the river but it was not a river because it has no water at all.

They now they were going the different way but it said on the map that they were going the right way then they saw a big ex mark the spot. so they went the other way.

they walked and finally they got to the right place and this time there was water and there was not a big ex marks the spot but there was a green big tick so they un packed and made a camp to sleep and to relax for the night.




Dragon Den Instructions

what you need.
shoe box,gold paint, tape,small plastic bag,cisers,spring,paint brush,paper,ball of string or ribbon, and glue.

How to make a dragon den.

first get a shoe box.
next use the paint brush to paint the inside gold.
after that cut a small, square hole in the front of the box.
then stuff a bunch of paper into a small plastic bag and tie a knot on the top of the bag.
later on glue a spring inside the box.
near the end tape the bag in.
finally, put the ball of string in the box.

The bag is seposto be a bed.
The spring is for it to play on.
The hole is for a door.
The paint is a rug.
The ball of string is a toy.

How to make a garden house for your Dragon

  1. First cut a cardboard square that is 25cm x 25cm. Put this to one side for now as this will be the base for the house to sit on
  2. Next get a tissue box which is square in shape. The hole is the entrance for the dragon to get into the house.
  3. Cut a rectangle piece of card that is 22cm x 12cm. This will be the roof, you need to fold the card every 5.5cm to make a peak.
  4. Paint the tissue box and the roof a colour of your choice.
  5. Wait for the paint to dry and then stick the roof to the tissue box overlapping two sides so you have a small peak.
  6. Then stick the tissue box to the cardboard square that you cut out at the beginning for your base.
  7. Now cut a small bit of bubble wrap that is 6cm x 9cm and this can be used as a path. Paint it brown and stick it on the base in front of the entrance.
  8. Next get some green tissue paper, rip pieces of tissue paper up into scrunched pieces and glue them to the cardboard. This makes it look like grass.
  9. Then later on draw two windows on white paper that are 4cm x 4cm. Draw a line using a ruler at 2cm to make a cross on the window.  Stick these to the side of the house.
  10. After that draw tiles on the roof with a black pen.
  11. Finally add some decoration to the grass and the house, like flowers and lady bugs.
  12. The last thing to do is get some cotton wool and put it in the house to make a bed for the baby dragon to sleep on.

How to look aftera baby Dragon.

First make a shelter for the baby dragon.

Secondly mash up a banana for the dragon. Feed it two times a week. After that go to the shops and buy a blanket for it. Then buy water, but the water has to be Mountain Lake water. After that get the blanket and wrap the baby dragon in it’s blanket.

Feed it water and food everyday and look after it plus give it flying lessons everyday.

Give it a bath every four weeks.

At 4pm everyday play with the baby dragon.

In four years time let it go on a journey to a beautiful life.

Baby dragon guide

If you have just been given a baby dragon then you need to read this guide to ensure that your dragon is kept safe and happy and lives a happy long life.

First, you will need to prepare a fire proof aviary for your dragon. It will need a place to sleep and enough space to fly around.

Next you will need hay and feathers to make a nest for your dragon.

After that you will need to fill a large metal bowl with water for your dragon to wash in.

Also, your baby dragon will need feeding fresh meat such as chicken or pork ever 3 hours to keep it from setting fire to things. Baby dragons breathe fire when they are hungry.

Later on, when your dragon grows, it will only need feeding once a week.

Your baby dragon will need training to learn how to fly and how to control its fire breathing so that it does not set fire to things.

You should follow this guidance and as a result your baby dragon will be fit and healthy and will be an enjoyable pet to own.



Making a dragons den

How to make a dragons den.

  1. Find a box to build your den on.
  2. Next mix the paste and tear the paper ready to make your cave. My dragon will live in the cave.
  3. Then find something like the shape you want the cave to be. Then add the paper to the paste and wrap it around the object. I chose a bowl. Once you have made enough layers leave it to dry over night.
  4. After that, plan on your box where everything will go. I planned where the cave would go for the dragon to sleep. I also planned where the river would go and the rocks and the grass.
  5. I found some pretend grass from my garden, some stones to paint for the river and some rocks for my dragon to sharpen his claws.
  6. Later on I pained the cave and the stones blue for the river. The river is there for the dragon to wash and drink from and the cave is there for him to sleep cosy.
  7. Finally I placed everything where it needed to be to make my den.

How to look after a baby dragon

These instructions will help you look after a baby dragon.

What you need: a dark cave, a rock bed, a waterfall for him to drink from and apples for breakfast.

What to do:

First find a big dark cave near fresh water so he can hide because he is scared of wolves.

Then make sure there is a cosy rock bed so the dragon can sleep in the day and fight at night.

After that make sure he has plenty of apples and tuna fish ten times a day so that he is not hungry.

Later on when the dragon is older you need to train him to be brave and come out in the day time.

In the end he will be your best friend and he will never leave you.

How to look after a baby dragon.

Do  you want to have a baby dragon? if you do are you wondering how you can ever look after a ferocious and scary dragon? do not panic. read this below and you will find out every single bit for how to look after your baby dragon.

What you need: A nice big spaced cage, lots and lots of leaves, some fake and eye caching fire , a castle sticker , food and water and it needs time alone with music.

What to do:                                                                                                                                                                         First, get a big cage , put leaves in , stick the fake and eye caching fire on and the castle , put food and water and time alone with music because it is calming.

Next, add a little garden with edible flowers and trees so it can play around and have some fun but make shore it has shade and shelter therefore it will also need some bars around it for protection.

Then, if you are very carful you can give it a stroke and pat it try to speak to it in dragon language and say you are the best pet dragon.

Also, just in caste get milk and biscuits with chocolate on it in the cage. they also need some exercise for energy.

Finally, you can sit down watch the television and have some popcorn and biscuits for the dragon but you have to put him to bed exactly midnight and give it a lullaby so it can hush and go to sleep.

They make wondaful dragon pets but eventually they will grow and it will be to big for your house but they will come back if you were very kind.







Nike shoes

What are shiny?  A new pair of Nike shoes, wearing gold boots and a silver medal from a football match.

What are dull? Old boxes smelling like rotten fish, mud looking like dessert and thin soil .

What are hard? Tanks fighting in a tornado, a space ship crashing into a space rock and bricks going into a fish tank.

What are soft?  A teddy with soft cuddly fur, my pet hamster crawling up my arm and a shhzu’s paws.