Looking after a baby dragon

What you need

Have you just got yourself a baby dragon? A pet dragon is not easy to care for and you will need to follow these instructions to look after it. If not, you may find your dragon becomes a fiery pest!

What to do…

1. Create a bond. After it hatches, get a bit of meat or fish. Put the meat at the bottom of your hand, closest to the elbow. If the dragon is hungry, it may:

· Go around your hand and get it from there.

· Get scared and won’t move.

· Climb onto your hand to get it.

· Do this once a day and it should trust you in about a week. You should have a bond, but if you don’t, keep feeding it from your hand until you and your dragon are bonded.

2. Train your dragon. Once you have the bond, you can start training it. When you have its attention, flap your arms like a bird. It should do the same. While still flapping, run and jump. It should do the same. Get your hands ready to catch it if it falls. It will probably keep trying. That is how to teach it how to fly.

3. Reward it! When it does something good, like flying well, give it a small dog treat or a little bit of meat or fish. When it does something bad, which dragons rarely do, firmly say no. Never hit a dragon as the dragon might try to run away.

4. Make it a bed. Build or get a little box. Get some face cloths, then get an oven glove. Put the face cloths in, then the oven glove. Your dragon will sleep inside the oven glove because it feels safe.

5. Watch what your dragon eats. Most dragons are allergic to chocolate and flowers. Some dragons may have no allergies, and some may have many. Just make sure you do not let your dragon eat what they are allergic to, it might get sick. But some healthy foods for all dragons are meat, fish, and rice. Different dragons like different food. For example, any type of dragon that has something to do with ice loves ice and should be fed ice at least once a day. Fire dragons love chilli peppers.

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