How to look after a baby minotaur by Jacob

If you have just been given a baby minotaur for your birthday and don’t know how to take care of it, here’s a pet guide

First, you need a dark place for it to stay, but make sure it’s stinky as minotaurs can’t stand nice smells, so the stinkier the better. A nice stinky cave would be perfect.

Next, provide a nice bed and fire for your minotaur because they like to sleep alot and don’t like to be cold.

Also, provide regular water and worms because minotaurs are always hungry and get angry quickly, if they’re not fed. Never ever give them milk as they hate it.

After that, exercise your minotaur as much as possible as they are very athletic. However, you need to make sure they don’t see any dragons because minotaurs and dragons are enemies.

  1. Finally, play music to your unicorn as they like to break dance



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