The legendary journey of Podkin one ear.

That current day, their father had announced to them that an evil group of enemies were coming. The gorm. The new tunnels that were constructed, were slowly collapsing and making a lot of noise which would cause the gorm to find them. No one would be safe. The walls would fall down instantly if they didn’t fix it quick. But they had no time to loose. So they had to start running. NOW!

But three little rabbits can’t do very much you may think. Well, that would be true. Their journey to safety would not be easy. Even the strongest rabbits of bluepin village (where they live) couldn’t make that journey. Wait he thought. That’s it! We need those people! But time was running out. And again, they had no time to waste. They now headed off, hoping to find some sort of shelter for the night and make a plan.

Waking up, he woke up all of his fellow adventures. As quick as a heartbeat they were at there first destination for breakfast. The elegantly stretched our branches draped beautifully in the sunlight. Now there was a sign. They could actually do this! Well not really, but it would be cool for my story. This made them determined, and ready to fight for there lives!

As they were travelling through the sunset, Podkin and his sibling started to get tired. So they decided to stop for the night. They laid down in an uncomfortable, uneven cave and started to hug each other for warmth – and to comfort each other and get comfortable. As Podkin started to drift to sleep, he was thinking of the gorm, sneaking like a stealthy snakes in the pitch black darkness. Would they ever reach safety and be well away from the gorm?


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