How to look after an baby Ender Dragon

Have you just been given a baby Ender Dragon? Are you wondering how on earth you will manage to take good care of such a precious creature? Fear not. Read these instructions and you will be able to enjoy your pet and watch it develop healthily.

What you need: living quarters, a soft blanket, shade, lava bowl, ender blocks, plenty of sticks.

What to do:

First, create an enclosed space where your pet will be happy so that it cannot escape and cause danger.

Next, provide a soft blanket for your Ender Dragon to sleep on and make sure there is a nice warm area, preferably with nether leaves because it lives in the nether.

Then, talk to your Ender Dragon and stroke it gently since it likes no more than human contact.

Also, provide regular lava because Ender Dragons become thirsty. They also need fresh ender blocks for a basic diet. This will result in a healthy Ender Dragon.

After that, exercise your pet daily by taking it out for a flight. However, watch out for any cat or dog because it will try and bite them.

Later on, make the time to play with your baby Ender Dragon otherwise it might pine away and they may become thin and weak because they are sad.

Finally, sing to your pet and play the radio quietly because Ender Dragons love music. If you are lucky, your pet may dance for you!

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