chapter 1 the rabbits adventure.

Finally they were ready it took so long to get ready.

The next after noon they got a strange letter that popped through the black window it said that your worst nightmare was coming for them. no one wouldn’t be safe with them. there worst nightmare lived in the big castle up in the clouds it has lived for 900 years. it was made of bones and mettle the bones were from a bull and the mettle was from a game.

so the 20 rabbits set of on a daring mission to there destination at the mount Everest. the had to go past the river through the dark jungle over the ocean under the the deep swamp and round the dragons then mount Everest. it would take a month to get there and a month to *** back if you are going the right  way here is a map to follow.

They set of at once they walked and walked and walked until they saw the map every were they walked the map would draw were they went it was enchanted . they cared on there journey to mount Everest but they saw the river but it was not a river because it has no water at all.

They now they were going the different way but it said on the map that they were going the right way then they saw a big ex mark the spot. so they went the other way.

they walked and finally they got to the right place and this time there was water and there was not a big ex marks the spot but there was a green big tick so they un packed and made a camp to sleep and to relax for the night.




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