Miraculous Island

There is a place out in the open world which is waiting for your children! So get ready…!


Do your children always experience boredom? Do they always want fun? Why don’t you try visiting Miraculous Island? There are many options to choose from the different activities! The fun never stops here!


Fabulous fun at the ride of the Golden Gates.

Super smiles at Candy Land.

Fantastic feasts at the Miraculous Dining Table.

The one in a kind Animal Park.

Musical mats competition.

There are lots of fun things to do here, but these things are just the beginning!


At the Sleepover Sunset, there is an astonishing view from over the Miraculous Island. The children and parents can:

.Eat marshmallows at a camp;

.Sleep on the top of the highest hill on the island;

.Bring games to play with and all of the stuff you need;

.Dogs and pets are allowed to be taken.


Sleepover Sunset has a series of days to sleep at. The max is 3 days. The famous singer Bob Hartlemer said “This place is fantastic!!!” So you must come if someone famous said this! (It is actually your choice).


From the 1st of May to the 19th of July, you can get 25% OFF for booking your tickets! Just use the code MYDISCOUNT on the code section in the booking of tickets. You can get 50% OFF if you buy 10 buns in our online shop. Then the code will appear. The 50% OFF can be taken only from the 1st of May to the 15th of May.

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