On Monday, I witnessed a mysterious man alone in a dark alleyway. He stood as still as a stone until he turned his head to detect-me.

On Tuesday, I caught a glimpse of an unknown animal, wondering in the grasslands of Psion as it approached the fresh waters.

On Wednesday, I heard the rushes of water manoeuvre through the Amazon like it was venturing through this endless jungle.

On Thursday, I noticed a peculiar looking box, laying on the ground in front of me. It stayed there like it was persuading me to unveil what’s inside.

On Friday, I touched the fur of a polar bear. It felt as I caressed my finger along and its colour reminded me of the shimmering snow.

On Saturday, I played in the grass as I gazed up at the stars. As I stared at the specks of satiny stars, I wondered about the bright future.

On Sunday, I dreamed of a ray of beaming light, blinding everyone in sight as a voice, inaudible, as it spoke. A dream that I hoped would never end.

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