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WE FIND OUT by Joynissi

I am almost ready to run but it is only the end of the hole that is facing me. The pink egg glows and I carefully notice that it is covered in tiny swirls of amber. But we are absolutely trapped! It is then that Robert starts to speak, in a low, comforting voice he said “It is fine,” taking a step forward. I can hear that he is trying to sound calm to cover his fear.


The Antamander pauses and tilts its head to the left. Its pink-red eyes are fixed on us both. “We are not going to harm you or your precious egg. We will protect you.” By hearing those words I disagreed with him. Slowly, Robert held his arms out with his hands open to show that he was no threat. They both stood and stared at each other. The Antamander seemed to be listening. It gives a low growl, Then it lowers its body to have a nap. I…I think it is working! Robert’s talk with the Antamander worked!


“We are leaving now, whenever you are in trouble just give us a low growl,” Robert says, stepping to one side and together we walk past the Antamander and out of the mouth of the hole. It’s eyes hold mine and in them I can see fire, lava and the glitter of so many tiny, red sparks of life. It bows its head to sleep, we are safe once more.


Outside, I take a deep breath as it has been a big adventure. Inside, we hear the Antamander shuffling towards its egg to keep it safe.


The mist has cleared. The bright moon eyes Life beach and the stars stud the dark night sky, their beautiful reflections speckle the sea. All is still and all is calm. We walk towards the promenade and talk. No one should find the hole. No one must find the Antamander and her precious egg. Robert talks rapidly about what we should do and I don’t even understand a word! I know he is full of ideas-pretend that there was a rockfall and report it to the local council. Get more signs up, banning people from going near the Green rock (the Misty Rocks). I listen as he speaks at 60 mph car speed, his face determined and forceful.


By the time we are walking through the town , it is awakening . The sunset casts dark shadows on the hot sand. Katie’s music club doors are opening like it is the happiest day for some Rock and Roll. She gives me a hug and waves to Robert. Thessalonicas shoe shop is waiting for customers. She is now  trying out some new shoes. When  she saw us, she gave us a beautiful smile. Mr Vendaloff is setting up his SATs tuition. Children come in a line to his office. After all of those children went inside to study with their tutors, he looked out of the window and saw us. He gave us a big wave. By the time we reach the museum, an evening nap has begun. Few cars snake by but most of them are in their driveway.


 I fiddle with the keys and push the door open. Inside, it is cold and silent. There wasn’t a single sound. As I turn on the lights, my mind bursts with questions. Will the Antamander survive to see its baby? Will the baby Antamander survive after its birth?


Robert peers over to look at this section called ‘Showcase of beachcombing’. I look over to see if she has anything to tell me. Then she points at a cracked pink with amber swirls. Now I know what she is thinking about.


All day she is watching this video, when a boy found an egg and it cracked and then it seems that the Antamander has roamed around the place until it laid an egg. So that explains why our town doesn’t eat eggs.

That night, we talked. Our adventure is not over. It has just begun.     



How to tame a dragon-part 4

Whoosh! The wind blew Mariana’s hair as she made her way over to Ty. She yawned from her exhausting battle with the dragons. She crouched down on the burnt broken floor boards, making her self comfy in her sleeping bag as she stared at the dark empty sky. Then at the corner of her eye she spotted a red circle like an eye. Squinting her eyes she grabbed Ty’s hand and dragged him along the floor board. Edging closer she managed to see it on the balloon of the sky ship! Fear it might pop she called for captain O’ Shea. The captain came at once and laughed ”that’s just the light to keep away all the monsters.” Confused Ty and Mariana headed to their sleeping bag, dreaming about sky goblins and dragons while the sky ship drifted into the empty void


Chapter 2

Down. Down. Down. The airship plodded downwards, crashing into fluffy clouds along the way. All of a sudden, there was a huge crash! Where was he?
Ray looked around, grabbed his bag and pressed his eye to the aiming hole in one of the cannons. Nothing. The hole was blocked. Moving away from the cannon, he twisted side to side and searched for the nearest exit. Then, he saw it. He grabbed a thick  rope and swung to the edge of the airship, hovering over the splintered, oak floorboards. Where was he?
To one side, towering pillars jutted upwards and crumbled stone, carpeted the floor. To the other, large statues posed elegantly, or at least used to. Now, they were piled like corpses, half-alive, climbing over each other, trying to get to the top. The statues at the bottom were mainly covered in dust, crumbled to pieces or crushed by others. In front of him, was a long cobbled path with cracks and missing stone. He didn’t dare look back for he knew, all there would be was his airship, leaning closer to him ready to smash.

How to train a dragon.







”DOWN” the captain roared as the now flaming sky ship drifted to the ground. Everyone got out panicking accept for Mariana. She was still looking for her brother while trying to figure out what had hit the sky ship. Then a thought came to her mind like lightening. ”What if it was a dragon… BANG! Another spit of fire landed in front of her. Hanging on for dear life she just managed to grab a piece of snapped wood. Only realizing she was not only just surrounded by fire but by two large winged animals… dragons.





The misleading trail

Lily looked out of the airship confused.This wasn’t the Sky Mountains this was the Mountain of The Sky Goblins!Lily turned round and shrieked in surprise!Right in-front of her was a Sky Goblin.Lily pushed it of the ledge and backed away.Everyone was under deck which meant they couldn’t hear her.

The mysterious package

Harry watched in horror as his broom went flying towards the willow tree.As he fell towards the ground, he glimpsed Ron trying to save him.Harry fell and fell until he finally hit the ground and blacked out.Harry heard muffled voices but couldn’t tell whose they were.He opened his eyes cautiously, to see all of the weasleys surrounding him.He closed his eyes again.Harry didn’t want to wake up he felt so tired.He opened his eyes at a loud bang near his ear.Harry was thrown around with many hugs from Ron, Hermoine and the rest except Fred and George.


My Beautiful Reality by Julia

             my beautiful reality 

It could be the palms,
lining the beaches of my home,
tall silhouettes upon the sunset,
the waters still,
made my heart fill,
with all foundness of this place.

But instead its ordinary dandilions,
on my window sill
and lavenders smiling as I pass,
pavements in sight,
with industrail buildings each side,
because this is my reality.

But dont be fooled,
because even though this isn't the tropics,
it is my beautiful reality,
with gentle flowers,
and industrail towers.
A place away from my fantasy.

The dragon of diamonds

The dragon froze as still as stone

Its beady eyes stared into my soul

Its scaly tail curled

Its scales glistened in the moonlight

Its stiff jaw cracked open like a pack of crisps

Its pearl like teeth clacked open

Its claws grasped a handful of diamonds

Its holey wings stretched open

The Request

It doesn’t have to be the

Snowflakes on the ground

or the cry of the cold winter’s day.

It doesn’t have to be the

jumping petals of flowers or the music on Easter day.


It could be the park,

Dove Dale at summer when

it’s hot so that people can sit on it’s wet grass,

or the road at  spring where the benches are dry to sit on.


Be a cry of sorrow

where you don’t want to go.

Notice the raindrops like the tears

rolling down Mother Earth’s cheeks.


On Monday, I witnessed a mysterious man alone in a dark alleyway. He stood as still as a stone until he turned his head to detect-me.

On Tuesday, I caught a glimpse of an unknown animal, wondering in the grasslands of Psion as it approached the fresh waters.

On Wednesday, I heard the rushes of water manoeuvre through the Amazon like it was venturing through this endless jungle.

On Thursday, I noticed a peculiar looking box, laying on the ground in front of me. It stayed there like it was persuading me to unveil what’s inside.

On Friday, I touched the fur of a polar bear. It felt as I caressed my finger along and its colour reminded me of the shimmering snow.

On Saturday, I played in the grass as I gazed up at the stars. As I stared at the specks of satiny stars, I wondered about the bright future.

On Sunday, I dreamed of a ray of beaming light, blinding everyone in sight as a voice, inaudible, as it spoke. A dream that I hoped would never end.