Chapter 2

Down. Down. Down. The airship plodded downwards, crashing into fluffy clouds along the way. All of a sudden, there was a huge crash! Where was he?
Ray looked around, grabbed his bag and pressed his eye to the aiming hole in one of the cannons. Nothing. The hole was blocked. Moving away from the cannon, he twisted side to side and searched for the nearest exit. Then, he saw it. He grabbed a thick  rope and swung to the edge of the airship, hovering over the splintered, oak floorboards. Where was he?
To one side, towering pillars jutted upwards and crumbled stone, carpeted the floor. To the other, large statues posed elegantly, or at least used to. Now, they were piled like corpses, half-alive, climbing over each other, trying to get to the top. The statues at the bottom were mainly covered in dust, crumbled to pieces or crushed by others. In front of him, was a long cobbled path with cracks and missing stone. He didn’t dare look back for he knew, all there would be was his airship, leaning closer to him ready to smash.
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