My adventure story

As the howling wind blew across the Eye land, Mia and Ethan struggled to get to the lost city of Peda. Mia was having mixed emotions about going on this adventure since she had a feeling that something was going to go wrong. However, Ethan was too busy staring out at the Eye land map.

“Ethan steer to the left!!” screeched Mia. “ Mountain ahead!” Ethan hadn’t done this before but he  turned the steely wheel of The Valiant as it moved  side to side. Mia and Ethan had been travelling for over a week now and were worried that he journey would take a long time. Suddenly, Ethan noticed that they were heading straight for the twin deserts, a place where no one had stepped foot for fifty years. Rumour had it that strange creatures had inhabited the desert, attacking anyone that dared to enter.

At that moment, the menacing red-eyed sky dragons struck. Mia saw four of the creatures coming her way. Suddenly, the whole Valiant began to lurch from side to side. To her surprise, it was the menacing red-eyed dragon that were causing the Valiant to rock. Dense, driving rain pelted the sky ship causing it to tilt and swoop erratically. Terrified, Mia and Ethan grabbed the railings, praying that the Valiant wouldn’t capsize.

Just as Mia was about to fight off the dragons with an enchanted steel rod, a colossal cloud of darkness surrounded the Valiant. A deafening roar pierced their ears as the sky dragons disappeared along with the mysterious cloud.

“That was a close one!” said Mia sighing in relief. “I know. I hope I haven’t damaged the skyship” replied Ethan, trembling with fear. At that moment, a hiss of air could be heard  seeping from the balloon. Looking at each other in horror, realisation struck. “Oh no. Maybe I spoke too soon!” To their horror, it seemed that the ground was rushing up to meet them. It took Mia a few seconds to realise that they were actually swooping down rapidly! Beneath them, Ethan made out a maze of crumbled stone walls which he thought must belong to the ancient ruins of a city. Concentrating hard, he carefully steered the damaged air ship so it didn’t turn out to be a crash landing. Mia frantically grasped onto the railings to ensure that she didn’t fall out.

With a giant thud, they landed; looking around the lace that looked like a maze. The two best friends didn’t dare step a foot outside the Valiant. Mia was scared to head out as it could be dangerous for her and she could get hurt whilst on the adventure. Ethan on the other hand was staring in awe at the old, damaged city that was once used and lived in. All around stood tall, broken buildings which had once been magnificent. Large columns lay before them. In a far corner stood a mysterious house with oak doors and not a single window was intact. The place itself was quite empty and there were strange noises of bricks crumbling in the distance but the friends didn’t care. Ethan went out searching for materials whilst Mia looked for tape to fix the balloon. Mia and Ethan both looked around the Valiant as they were scared but hungry. “Have you found anything ?” shouted Mia. “I’m starving!” “No, I haven’t found anything, I think we have to starve tonight!” barked Ethan. Mia stayed quiet as she was afraid something was coming her way. She had an injury from the crumbled piles of stone under her feet so stopped searching for materials. As the evening sun started to appear, the teenagers discovered some sandwiches and just as they were about to eat, they heard something coming from the house of mysterious oak doors…

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