The Mens Glory

The Mens Glory started to leave the dock. Joe and Billy looked down at the Crystal caves as their house was destroyed by the horrid tornado. When the Captain of the skyship, Captain Scorpion, greeted them, a few other men from the crew took Joe and Billy’s belongings to bring them to their new rooms. About an hour later, they ate some food and went outside. Captain Scorpion was looking through a telescope and said “I think I can see some razor birds.” “What are razor birds?”asked Joe.

“Razor birds are mutant birds that can eat anything. “ replied the captain. As Joe wished he hadn’t asked, Billy went to look through the telescope too. He nervously said “Well they look very big and there are masses of them. Will they avoid them or will they not?”


“Theyre getting closer “ exclaimed Billy. “Where? I don’t see them!” answered Joe. “Then they must be under us” said Captain Scorpion looking down. “Yep”

BANG! “Oh no, we’re going down!” shouted Joe over the noise. Suddenly the Mens Glory started to slow down and out of nowhere it started to turn upside down and a cloud of smoke rose from the engine. “Get the parachutes” ordered the captain “or we are all going to be pancakes.” The trio slipped on their parachutes and jumped. Billy and Joe were terrified but the Captain rudely pushed them, forcing hem to be more terrified. When they were approaching the ground, they pulled the strings on the backpack, deployed the parachutes and immediately shot up into the air again.

As Joe, Billy and the Captain descended, Joe started to speed up and noticed that there was a hole in his parachute. He fell into a dead tree and carefully climbed down. While the others went to the ship to collect supplies, Joe stayed to explore. The trees were bare and the town was dark and abandoned. It didn’t look like a very welcoming place. He walked around and came across a sign that said: WELCOME TO VULTURE VALLEY.

|When Billy and the Captain returned, he told them where they had landed. All around, amongst the silence, they heard the sound of crows. To the left of the ship there were broken houses, shadows of stray cats and an old saloon. The only scents were sand and dirt. There were no humans and no sign of food but they did find some water in a large tank. Lying on the floor was a disused sign saying “BARK”.  They saw a building with a fallen in roof  and shattered windows. The surrounding flowers and bushes were dead and bare.

As the evening turned to night, the trio stopped investigating and lit a fire to sit around. Whilst Joe and Billy were relaxing, the Captain stood and exclaimed “I think we should split up. I will go and find the crew and you two stay here and look for materials for the ship.” Billy didn’t agree with the Captain but Joe did so they stayed behind. As it was night time, it was dark and strange shadows lurked created by the full moon. The children no longer felt safe or brave. Then suddenly something caught Billy’s eye…

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