Sky pirates

You’ve probably been in a sky ship with the beautiful blue sky filled with fluffy clouds looking down at the ant sized people and loving every second of it… well there is still problems

When you’re 100s of feet in the air a question enters your head, am I safe? Well probably not with all the sightings of sky goblins and dragons, OH and sky pirates there the worst

Jumping from sky ship to sky ship stealing everyone’s valuables to benefit themselves. But I’m sure we’re going to be fine…Right?

Luckily this thought has drifted from my mind because of the relaxing breeze flowing though my hair and my beloved friends to accompany me. I think if are ship isn’t burned down by a dragon or were robbed by pirates it will be a successful day 


Tony held on to the controls with mighty force “THERE SHOOTING AT US” tony yelled “THOSE **** PIRATES ARE SHOOTING AT US!” “Tony calm down! Screamed Kyle “Just hide in one of the clouds!” “There’s no clouds in the sky!” Argued tony “all are defences are down and we have no weapons what are we supposed to do!

The horrid sky pirates are attacking the ship with intention of stealing are goods CRASH went the windows BOOM went the cannon balls and the pirates were getting closer and closer to infiltrating are ship

“Theres a cloud!” yelled Kyle “DIVE” tony immediately dove into the clouds as the pirates chased them. They disappeared in the clouds, the pirates ship emerged from the clouds and flew away everyone on the ship finally relaxed 

Tony let out a large sigh “I think-I think we lost them” “thank goodness” exclaimed Kyle. With the ship battered and beaten and the pirates gone they finally made it out safely…or did they?

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