The lost Island

Cautiously, Harry and Tighue slowly peered out from below the deck to see what was around them.

They were surrounded by plam trees and the smell of salty sea water coursing through their noses. The beach was acres of pure golden sand and was sheltered by the forgotten palm trees. Tighue and Harry jumped up from berlow the deck at the adrenaline and fear started to flow through their veins. Just then a valtor bird swept past their faces leaving a gust of wind. Then in the distance, a row of steep steps led down to a sheltered cave. Then before they could get a better look the Captain called us over saying that the crew  were going to get supplies. “Stay with the ship” he said. This was annoying but they knew they had to obey the Captains orders. Sometime later, we heard a noise. Harry and Tuighue were frightened and started to panic.

Then… THUD! Something was behind them.

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