Mythical Creature

I was on my usual 8:00pm walk and got distracted by the sights of the sunset. Seconds later, I found myself perching on the pier, gazing at the dark sea. The rocks hid itself with a blanket of darkness. To the left, I saw a movement of a suspicious object. Being my curious self, I took a closer look to see if I was just hallucinating, but I wasn’t. Shining my torch in the specific area, I realised it was an un-discovered creature. What was it? I was scared but I knew I had to investigate it. Mountain like goosebumps grew on my arms. I had a very bad feeling about this…

I was amazing by its incredible features. It has a mermaid tail with fish scales on its side, a blue shiny nose and a snake head. How was this my first time discovering something so unique? I had to call someone. Before anything could happen, I snapped a picture for proof. I looked back at my surrounding to see if anyone was there. It was just me. Looking back, it was gone….

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