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Dear diary, 

Yesterday afternoon, the most astonishing thing happened. I was on the beach pulling up my wetsuit. I could hear the roar of the white horses as they rushed to the shore, mingled with the cawing of a gull, flapping above and I could smell the whiff of rotting fish, drifting up from the sea. That was all normal. But when I went in the sea, everyone was hurrying out, back to their cosy picnic spots and, surprisingly, packing up.
I went up to Mrs Cherry and asked her what the matter was. Her glare was icy and her words pricked me puzzlingly. 

By now it was getting dark and the beautiful colours of crimson, rose, marigold and topaz were ******** the horizon. My eyes had opened wide, it was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen.

What had happened next made me anxious. A silhouette of doom lolloped towards me like a paint blot on a blank canvas. Its eyes were embers of doom, burning through the twinkling twilight. Slime smothered its back gooey and gross. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, looming above in fear.

The creature’s teeth glistened like deadly and deathly daggers. My mouth gaped open wide and I could taste the salt perching on my tongue as if someone had grinded salt into my mouth.

The air was uncomfortable as I faced this beast. My heart pounded.
Then it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

Had I just seen the mythical creature that everyone was talking about? If so, it was something to share…

Talk soon,


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