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The Zebramander, end of chapter 1 and chapter 2 by Maya

End of chapter 1:

“Why on earth do you need to be hidden,” I hissed, “What’s going on?”
“I…I…I’ve seen it,” she was clearly startled,” Hurry! Look sharp. Lock the doors, close the windows and draw the curtains…” 

Chapter 2:

We sit in absolute silence for a few moments before I ask, “What did you see?”
Outside, I can hear the wind getting more stormy and more vicious. Even though she hasn’t answered, I still have an idea of what she might say: ‘I saw the Zebramander.’ I’m correct. She claims to have spotted the Zebramander.

Fifteen minutes later we are outside in the moonlight retracing Cleo’s footsteps. Yes, I know what you are thinking, I should’ve stayed all nice and warm in my bed, with a roasting fire comforting me. All I can say is that Cleo, as that is her name, is one of the most persistent people I ever met, so she somehow got me out of my bed. The sea huffs gusts of sea-spray, sand and wind. I here the rumbling of thunder and crackling of distant lightning. The rocks cast shadows of doom in the moonlight.

On the way, we pass by Multi Fish Rulers, Carla’s sea-side drink bar and Mrs Cherry’s Everything you will need for a beach day’ shop. They all have driftwood planks and seaweed to fill in the gaps plastered onto the walls, prepared for the incoming storm of sadness. The promenade is empty, apart from the few stragglers who are rushing to get away.

Cleo drags me to the shoreline and then I see it, footprints in the sand. Claw marks on the rocks. The sea bites at the shore, gobbling it up. Together, we follow the footprints, trying not to smash the icy silence. Then, from nowhere, we hear a sound made by someone, or something.

Hardly daring to make a sound, we tiptoed towards the doors of the ‘Blue Reef’ theatre. Peering inside we saw an odd-shaped shadow lumbering away from us. Another sound, like teeth clamping together and the patter of hooves. Was something there?

As silently as possible, Cleo edges forwards, but I stay where I am, watching her. Shivering with fear, I notice something huddled near the door to a theatre. Something crouches as life-like as a zebra. The smell is dreadful. It drifts up my nose mingled with the scent of popcorn. In an instant, it thuds towards Cleo. 

Outside, thunder pulses like a heartbeat and lightning flashes, sending danger. Inside, a sudden flash lights up the theatre lobby. The Zebramander crouches in a gloomy corner, that pulses with light and then its dark, pulse of light, darkness. Then, it bounds to  a door, broken by the storm. It hurries away into the darkness, but it pauses. Staring at us with emerald eyes and its mouth showing us daggers. Then, it dives back into the crumbling white horses. 

The lepoardamander – Chapter 2

End of Chapter 1.

“Just hide me!” the boy says and I do so. I open up one of our largest cupboards and I beckon the boy in. He nods and grins.

“Thanks, it won’t find me here.”


Chapter 2

The boy begins to close the cupboard but I snap at the handle and ask:

“Who won’t find you here?” I cross my fingers, hoping it’s not what I think.

He takes a deep breath and sighs, “You probably won’t believe me.”

I try to give him a sincere smile, “I will, I promise.”

I hold my breath, still crossing my fingers that it’s not what I think.

“I s-saw…The Lepoardamander.” I flinch and take a step back.

“I saw it,” he frowns and takes a step out of the cupboard, “it’s coming for me.” 

I gasp and stop myself from running away and flailing my arms around in horror. 

“Please help me, help me catch this beast,” he pleads and tears trickle down his cheeks like rain droplets on a rose petal.

“Okay,” I nod, “But first, what’s your name?”

“Spencer,” he smiles and pushes his round glasses up his nose.

“I’m Clover,” I grin and we pick ourselves up off the floor.


Ten minutes later, we are strolling down a woodland forest path and there is no sign of the lepoardamander.

“Are you sure you saw it?” I ponder as we take a turn into some patchy mud.

“I swear,” Spencer nods and we trudge on the crisp autumnal leaves.

I glance around; everything seems normal, the trees are becoming bare, preparing for winter and there are small puddles of murky rain water. I sigh.

“We should just-” but I stop mid sentence as I see deep dark eyes, as dark as the depths of the ocean. I see plump golden paws with little specks of brown and soft ears. 

“Sp-spencer…” I stutter.

Spencer turns around and smiles, “yeah?” 


He turns around and his eyes widen like fried eggs.

“Don’t move,” he whispers and edges closer.


The lepoardamander hasn’t noticed us yet as we stare at it, gobsmacked.

“SPENCER!” I whisper loudly as he gets closer and closer, he can almost touch its tail.

However, the Lepoardamander spots me and I am about to scream in terror when it sees Spencer. It lets out a low and tiresome growl and crawls away, into the depths of the woods. Me and Spencer look at each other, in awe and horror.

How to tame a dragon-part 4

Whoosh! The wind blew Mariana’s hair as she made her way over to Ty. She yawned from her exhausting battle with the dragons. She crouched down on the burnt broken floor boards, making her self comfy in her sleeping bag as she stared at the dark empty sky. Then at the corner of her eye she spotted a red circle like an eye. Squinting her eyes she grabbed Ty’s hand and dragged him along the floor board. Edging closer she managed to see it on the balloon of the sky ship! Fear it might pop she called for captain O’ Shea. The captain came at once and laughed ”that’s just the light to keep away all the monsters.” Confused Ty and Mariana headed to their sleeping bag, dreaming about sky goblins and dragons while the sky ship drifted into the empty void


The footamanda

we stand and waiting ,2 hours later I ask,what  happened what did you see? outside the sky was like a gray rock and no people.I i had an idea in my mined .I was wright it was about the footamander.

The dog amanda



End of Chapter 1!


Then Pete hid here in the most unobvious place which was just next to the fire place which was a bit like a safe but of course way bigger. Then Pete shouted  “It’s coming.” so he hid himself on his own. Which was in the dinosaur body!




Silence falls upon the monster. Listening in the wind for one little girl. 


The door blasts open and this time, silence fell upon the 2 people. 


60 mins later, the monster goes away and they both jump out of their hiding places. Pete told the little girl that I had an office that I should have hid in the first place so then Pete kept asking the little girl questions like how long has this been happening to you? Or why have you only just hid in here don’t you have a secret hide out?

The Multimander

Chapter 1 

Mia was spending her summer holiday in her Aunt Kate’s house at Stone Village. It certainly lived up to it’s name. Stone Village was all grey, boring and musty. Until she discovered the skatepark at the edge of the village. Luckily, she had brought her skateboard. This was going to be so fun! That all changed when she arrived and it was closed! Kicking rocks on the way back, she spotted an old, abandoned pet shop that wasn’t there on the way to the park. ‘Ooh, this could be interesting’ And with that, she despretly rushed in. But, as soon as she was inside she saw a strange animal.  Panting and gasping, Mia tiptoed silently towards the sleeping creature. Looking down at her trembling hands, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she reached the creature she noticed a flinch of movement in the corner of her wide eyes. Alarmed, she spun around and spotted a person. ‘He must be the old owner of the shop’ She thought. But before she had a chance to ask him, he fell to the ground and disappeared into ashes.

The Piratemander


End of Chapter 1


The illegal pirates were waiting for him. They trapped him in a cave…

Chapter 2


In the cave there were dead bodies, a real rib cage, a skeleton, and a skull.  There was a massive boulder blocking  the exit so Lewis couldn’t get out. He was stuck in the cave. Suddenly, some shadows appeared from the back of the cave. It was the dead pirates skeleton lumbering towards him with a sharp rock and threw it at him…

chapter 2

Chill out  why do you need to hide  anyway?” I asked understood but why do need to i am so friendly do you not like me ?BUT YOUR A MONSTER DO YOU BELIEVE ME  no why do i need to believe you of course not but why did you say it then because you are exited are you sure do you agree with me or not you don’t have to if you can’t but i don’t want you upset  but your totally fine you like me don’t you your lucky to have me but i don’t like  you sorrowful your are it not me.

The Catamander. Chapter 2.

The Catamander.


|~| Chapter 2! |~|


I didn’t know what to do. ‘What is she on about?’ I thought. “What do you mean? What did you see? What is really big?” I stated. I panicked. I thought of something on our menu that matched the description. “Ummmm… Do you mean the pumpkin spice latte supreme?” I must have sounded like a complete fool to other people because she looked at me, more panicked and scared. “Look, I’m talking about the catamander, you know, the rare one, blueish-grey fur, blue eyes, it saw me and now it’s hunting me down! Please hide me!” something in her tone of voice made me shudder. She was serious. “Actually, can I have a drink? I’m thirsty.” 

Her tone now sounded nervous and I said sure. I made her a regular pumpkin spice latte and gave her a cookie with it.

The sausagemander

We stand, Waiting patiently, before long I ask , “what happened and what did you see?”.Outside the sky was flooded with dark clouds and lightning.Before I even new, I had an idea prickling in my mind. I was correct.It was about the sausagemander.