The Catamander. Chapter 2.

The Catamander.


|~| Chapter 2! |~|


I didn’t know what to do. ‘What is she on about?’ I thought. “What do you mean? What did you see? What is really big?” I stated. I panicked. I thought of something on our menu that matched the description. “Ummmm… Do you mean the pumpkin spice latte supreme?” I must have sounded like a complete fool to other people because she looked at me, more panicked and scared. “Look, I’m talking about the catamander, you know, the rare one, blueish-grey fur, blue eyes, it saw me and now it’s hunting me down! Please hide me!” something in her tone of voice made me shudder. She was serious. “Actually, can I have a drink? I’m thirsty.” 

Her tone now sounded nervous and I said sure. I made her a regular pumpkin spice latte and gave her a cookie with it.

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