The Sea by Jess

The Sea

Yesterday morning, as the sun came up for air, I was going for a early walk  with Lola to clear my head. All I could smell was the left over fish and chips from last nights dinner. I sat on the sand and thought to myself as Lola played in the sea and got  wet.

Lola ran  through the rocks of Constantine Beach as I opened the Sailers caffe. Lola began digging through the sand for twigs and seaweed. I got a treat and gave it to her as I drank my morning coffee. I walked down towards the salty sea and see what Lola’s trying to find.

By now, it would be 6:30 in the morning when the sunlight was shinning in my face. I walked towards the pillars underneath the pier. I could smell a horrible smell coming from the caffe. It smelt like rotten octopus.

I could just about see, a monstrosity of a shape reflecting on the brim of the wall. It had; a slimy scaly tail, a slimy shaped body, shark like teeth and the most weirdest shaped head. It had devil like horns. It stared at me.

Lola sprinted over. She stopped, and 5en gave the biggest growl and she wouldn’t stop until the ‘ creature’ stepped back. It slithered back into the deep blue ocean.

It was never seen again.

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