Episode 2

Episode 2

Hermione stared at the soft sand as the Dramione was falling. Draco’s heart stared to pounds. Racing down, Draco and Hermione gave the wheel to Captain Harry who started to cry. THUD. Two seconds later, the Dramione landed. Draco and Hermione lifted their hands. They landed on weird beach…

In the distance, the burning sun bounced off the crystal clear ocean. Great sandcastles construct under an abandoned, colourful umbrella. A rim of pale, pink flowers had formed in the east. “This beach is extra-ordinary,” Hermione mentioned to Draco. Across the beach, there were some trees glowing.

Twenty minutes later, the children found themselves alone on the Dramione. Captain Harry went missing! Draco and Hermione were worried but had to stay on the ship. A few stars appeared and a reflection of a blue moon glowed above the ocean.

At that moment, they saw something…

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