The strange creature.


Last week I went to Seton beach and a wondrous thing happened! So, I was putting my wet soot on so I could paddle in the little stream. After I had got in the stream I decided to get my body bord so I could race my friends. So that is what I did. I won the first race, my cousin won the next two races and my brother won the last race.


After that me and my cousin hat to find the same rock my aunt wanted.I found some gooey sand that me and my cousin played with. We made a sand castle. I turned around to get some rocks from the stream and was staring into the eyes of a long wiggly thing that looked almost like a long terrifying worm with huge eyes. 


The strange ealey tipe thing swam through my legs and nearly up my wet soot. I ran out screaming.


Soon after that I changed into my warm cloves once again, went to the shop to get fish and chips.Unfortunately the seagulls snacked one of my chips. But the fish was really tasty. From that day I never played in the stream at seton again.

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