CHAPTER 1: Knucklebuster 4000
After years of preparation, the KNUCKLEBUSTER 4000 had reached the skies… s
“Devils Distraught, here I come!” shouted Jay excitedly.
“Jay, don’t get too excited, you’ve seen nothing yet… you are way too optimistic; this journey won’t be an easy one.” Stated Louisa.
“Ugh! Whatever.” Replied Jay, shrugging his shoulders. Jay was extremely curious about what lay at Devils Distraught yet pondered about what Louisa said, could she really be right? The Knucklebuster 4000 soared through the sky swiftly… All of a sudden, an icy chill penetrated through them, and barbed lighting cut the sky in two. Immediately, Jay’s stomach lurched in fear…

“L-Louisa, what’s happening?” stuttered Jay. The lightning settled as a great mist appeared around the Knucklebuster 4000.
“Shhhh” whispered Louisa. All of a sudden, violet goblins struck, thunder crackled, and hailstone shimmered.
“Quick do something… or e-else we’re doomed!” panicked Louisa.
“Follow me!” replied Jay anxious yet valiant. Jay and Louisa slid down the staircase of the ship and hid in ancient barrels. Moments later, they came back to the steering wheel, mist settled, and everything seemed calm… well for now.

WHOOSH! “Violet goblins!” screamed Jay. The violet goblins started attacking the ship aggressively and ravenously, making the engine blast up in flames.
“AHHHHH!” panicked Jay, shaking a violet goblin off himself.
“Hold tight! The Knucklebuster 4000 is going down.” Shouted Louisa. The goblins knew what was going on but still attacked regardless. DUM, DUM, DUM! The Knucklebuster bumped on the ground. As it bounced, it shook the violet goblins off. Jay and Louisa were still holding on. Had they evaded the goblins?
Jay stood, mouth agape and eyes wide, trembling with fear. Luckily, the violet goblins had drifted back above the clouds leaving the children staring at one another in utter relief. Just then, Louisa realized where they had landed. They appeared to be in an ancient graveyard…

Through the railings, Jay’s eyes scanned the view in the iridescent light shimmering from the pearly moon. A brown mist had settled upon the graveyard swallowing the crumbling headstones as a harrowing whistle crept up Louisa’s spine: Both could sense the malevolent surroundings gawping at them as deciding upon their fate: life or death. Shivering, goosebumps overwhelmed Jay as a driving wind penetrated through his Leather jacket, beating his body.
“This is spooky Louisa-“ Jay whispered.
“I know!” interrupted Louisa.

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