“Grab the tiller, Justin! We are heading for the mountain,” Yelled Jovin “I’ve never done it before, I don’t think I can do it,” Shouted Justin. Jovin had studied the basic instructions and tightly gripped the steering wheel bringing the ship to a steady position. Minutes later fog engulfed the ship making the pathway difficult to see once more. A big iceberg veered towards them, “BOOM!” the mountain crashed into the airship causing a big crack and the vessel started to descend as the engine started to break and the big balloon started to deflate.

As the sky ship fell rapidly, the wind sliced at their cheeks, Justin and Jovin stared at the ground which was getting closer and closer they were swooping down towards an abandoned Ancient city. Jovin scanned outside for close rivers where he could land the craft safely. He spotted a green mossy river circling the city and aimed for the river.


With a giant splash they landed right on target. “Phew! That was close” Justin feeling suddenly calm. They scanned the railings at the city square.


All they saw was abandoned buildings from a distance. In a corner stood an old-forgotten God on either side there were several fountains, but they no longer sprayed. The place itself was clearly very old and no people lived there anymore. The evening sun had already begun to cast darkening shadows and a powerful wind blew their broken ship towards the edge of the river.


After some time of attempting to fix the engine, they decided to look for materials which might help them repair the damage. As they left, the sky transformed to pitch black and the slice of moon glinted to a silver sword.


At that moment, they heard hurried footsteps in the dark forest…

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