The Mysterious Gargoyle

Last night, something amazing happened. I was hanging out at the local park waiting for my friends to arrive. The swings swung back and forth, back and forth while the sun reflected off the metal slide. It was so hot that I had to take off brand new jumper and hand it on the climbing frame.

My friends had text me to let me know they were running late so I sat on the swings and scrolled through my phone. I kicked the dirt beneath my feet because there was nothing on my phone that really interested me.

It was now getting late and my friends still hadn’t arrived. It was beginning to get dark and misty so I went over to lean on the lamp post, next to the bins, which had just come on. A stench hit my nostril, it smelled like rotting fruit which had been left in the garbage can for days. I leaned against my lamppost and tried to phone my friends but there was no answer. That was when it happened. I saw a claw hit the bin with a bang. I stumbled back.

I could just see these short but thick arms with scaly skin.  A dark face with sharp teeth that could eat you in one big bite appeared. I backed away slowly. Whatever it was I had no idea where my friends were and I certainly needed help.

I ran  to the car park without looking back.  Just as my friends arrived in their Mum’s fancy car.  They stopped and stared. I jumped in the car and told them to just drive! Had I just seen a Malamander? Could the legend’s be true?

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