Lux Hotel

Are you just waiting for the perfect holiday? Then come on down to Lux Hotel! The hotel provides lots of goods for all ages including lots of food from the hotel! We have lots of luxury rooms that include bunk beds and king sized beds! The rooms also include:


  • Free very strong Wi-Fi
  • 80 inch TV’s
  • Balconies in each room


Book before summer to get 10% off your room! If you get a relax pass you get the pool and spa for free! If you kids think the rooms are boring, don’t worry! We have themed rooms that all kids will love! The rooms are joined on to the normal rooms so kids are not away from their parents! Some room themes are:


  • The Rainbow Rooms (each room is a different colour)
  • The Forest Rooms
  • The Pirate Rooms
  • The Barbie Rooms


Our staff are lovely and deliver your food to your Rooms! There is also a kids playground and nursery where the staff look after and play with your kids while you relax! We also have a giant water park full of slides and wave pools for you and your kids to enjoy!


Our star rating is ⭐! Charli came with her family and said “This hotel is amazing! I had lots of fun with my family and the room service is wonderful! Hoping we could come back next year!” Visit our website today or phone 090211 to book your holiday! Find our Instagram @LuxHotelUK for updates and advice about the hotel! We hope to see you there! Live The Luxury

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