sky ship edvencher

Abc qwest 




The ABC was soaring through the air when a sky radar came out of nowhere. Captain Acb was to week to fend him off but he still went into battel. he perished his death of age was close though. I brought out my shotgun, but it was out of ammo. I grabbed the hilt of my sword and stabbed him in the chest he fell to the ground. WHOOSH! Grab on to something I yelled. Crash!!! is everyone ok I shouted there were yes and no from all directions. “Someone Bring me the map!!!”.  rick is the new captain he was vice captain before. It seems to be we are in rock roll hill, well more like mountains 6000 meters tall! Sed rick. It looks like we are at the peak.lets set up camp hear for the night. Jeff Ron and Peet go to the river and get some water. Commanded rick. we will dig some caves to set up in. It was a Peas fall night all of the people drenched in blood were bandaged and cleaned. the engineers looked at the problem they said one of the swords got stuck in the Presher Iser for the balloon. The necks cupel of days we travelled down the hill with the ship trailing along behind. 

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  1. Make sure you spelling is correct next time.

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