The sky beast episode 6

Something was climbing up the sky ships wooden hull. Matt whose face went pale ran up to the top deck and hid behind some water barrels. Sam pushed herself to the edge and peered into the abyss below, wondering what was making that abnormal noise. She could only just see the shadow of this creature, it was small and had bright blue eyes she squinted her eyes to get a better look. It paused and gazed back at Sam

“it’s a baby dragon!” she believed “and its hurt!” Matt approached with caution

“will it bite me?” Matt said quivering

“no!” Sam said they both reached down to pull it onto the deck, then Sam went to get some water

“It must have got hurt in the storm” Matt shouted “come quick”.

The baby dragon was shivering top to bottom. Sam rushed back with some water and a blanket, wondering if it would survive.

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