a hidden gem part 3

” What was that?” wispered May, her face turned as white as a cloud on a sunny day. ” Oh come on May, you need to toughen up and be strong!” declared Brad as his eyes widend in anger. May straightend up and decided to go have a look in the bushes along with Brad. within seconds, May spotted something out of the corner of her eye! ” Brad there is something in that bush” she shouted , Brad sprinted forwards desprate to see what was in the bush! his eyes widend in shock , it was a baby cerbres , the poor thing was shivering and howling in pain. ” May! can you open the ship door and fech me a planket from my room” May rushed inside and got all the supplies the dog needed along side Brad. Brad slumped forlomly into a chair looking sadly at the dog and wondering if it would survive.

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