You’ve probably been to Magic-on-sea.In summer you probably ate fish and chips while you watch the waves.There would have been a ice-cream van selling ranges of flavours and you would have stepped on the boiling sand.You probably visited the Starbucks.Its that kind of place… in the summer.

But in winter, you probably wrapped up warm and drank lots of coffee and hot choclate.You should try being there when the waves crash against the ragged rocks.You should try being there when a frost hits the streets.Few people visit then.Even the locals stay as far away as they can… and some say they have a good reason.

Chapter 1

My name is Charlie Yellow and I work in the local Starbucks.Most people call me Char. I work on the drive through and help make the coffee.I love meeting new people I have only had a few bad experiences but I always manage to make them happy. My favourite costumes are the locals who always take the drive . If people have a dog in the car we have to give them a pup cup. Some days not many people visit but we always have the locals to count on.

A boy taps on window and growls ‘let me in”I was transfixed to the boy.

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