Roses by Eloise SWW

Roses Roses are like specks of paint in the vast field,

A rainbow of hope and courage,

Their petals are as smooth as silk,

But getting past their thorns can be a challenge.

Roses are the joy of nature

Like the happiness inside of people,

The boss of any other flowers and plants,

Overlooking the whole field,

Taller than any other plant.

Roses are like rainbows on the ground

, Many different colours

Many options for a perfect gift,

As soft as a marshmallow,

Caterpillars lunch.

Roses are as pink the evening sky,

The ground is their home

Nestling amongst the long grass,

Drooping their heads.

One Response to “Roses by Eloise SWW”

  1. Mrs McCalmont May 13, 2022 at 1:24 pm

    Some really thoughtful ideas here Elouise. I particularly liked caterpillar lunch and the happiness inside people- roses are joyful to see and to smell that’s for sure!

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