Letter to mum By Ewan SWW

Dear mam,
My first ever train ride: it was amazing I wish you came with me. I loved my fresh apple that you packed in my lunch I know how hard it is to get fresh fruit and my jam sandwich was amazing I clutched my gas masks and I went in seats were taken by every child. When I left London I was nervous. When I opened my lunch box I saw the sticky note you left me like you use to and I thought how many children brought teddy bears knowing they are going to need a friends. I ate the sneaky toffee you packed in there I’m apparently going to stone I saw these giant creatures called cows.

When we pulled into the station steam rushed in. We studied our new surroundings as we were taken to the village hall we saw a small crowd of people we were getting picked I didn’t think I would be first but I was. I was chosen by Mrs Hill she was the best but she wouldn’t let me go in until I was clean we lived in a missive barn in the middle of a field and I got to do lots of jobs I never got board. the first place I went was school the teacher was very strict.
I have to get to bed I will write to you in a week

from your dear son Ewan

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