My letter to ma

My letter to ma by Bella SWW

Dear mam,

To start my letter of I would like to say a massive thank you for my dripping sandwich, it was such a treat there were some kids with butter sandwiches who were laughing at me, but who cares you must have used all your rations for that and not to mention that toffy. It was the best lunch I have had in years (no offence). The train journey was not the best, nothing for you to worry about though. It was only because Isabella was put onto a different train, and there was no space for Eloise in the carriage so that meant we could not keep each other company. I was also a bit squashed so I could not really get my teddy out… oops… was not supposed to say that…err… how do you take that piece of writing away…um…ignore that. Anyways, apart from that I enjoyed the train ride. I don’t see why some children were so sad. I also saw someone riding something everyone calls a horse. Did you know that there will be some in the village we are going to?

We had too stop in a place near Berkeley called Stone, where we were all jammed into the village hall were people would chose us. Sadly I was last to be taken (probably because my clothes were very ragged ,sorry,) , but I was taken by a kind woman called Mrs Jenner, she says that far down the line she is related to legendary man called Edward Jenner who created a vaccine for smallpox. After at least half an hour walk I saw it. She has a massive house! She has lots of space outside, and better yet she has horses and says she had bought one for her evacuee, me! when I met him I saw he was a beautiful chestnut called Bertie. I love him. I sleep in the grandest room in the house, at least I think having not seen Mrs Jenner’s room. Now it is really time I went because it is 1am (Mrs Jenner has taught me to tell the time) and I really need to get to bed. But when this war is over come visit us.

Your loving daughter,


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