Sadness is made from –

the dust from a dead star,

a wing of a fallen bird,

the boogeyman’s bitter greeting,

a strand of a drowned man’s gold,

and the warlock’s darkest spell.

I found it –

trapped on the edge of death,

silenced only by the screams of long lost souls,

in the graveyard of my ancestors,

destroying the hearts of people who stand in its way.

Sadness can –

crush the hearts of innocent souls,

incinerate hope and happiness from the memories of people passed away,

make darkness fall over the Earth hiding it from sight,

seek revenge on whoever caused it,

turn city’s into a cloud of ash raining down on the world.

If I lost my sadness –

I would be free from the misery

that has haunted me for millions of years…

Lachlan Rennie

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