Miss bearings secret ..

Olivia Hemworth never wanted to leave home. Slowly she scrambled out of bed , head held low as she peered out onto the dripping rain tumble down the dull window pain , as grey clouds clustered overhead .Attics aren’t made to be bedrooms , she thought every morning when shed wake up to a newly weaved delicate spider web swinging above her head . That’s the 57th one we’ve gotten this month , she’d silently sigh to her self .Miss bearing screeched ,

“ get up ! “ this was a daily wake up call for her ,so she was used to the urgency she beckoned upon her to awake ready for dull school . At the table , a bowl of lumpy porridge was plopped down in front of her splattering across her hand as she reached for the petite wooden spoon laying on the bowls rim.

Her first day of school came and left for what seemed like forever .Sat at her desk ,she listened uninterested as her eyes wondered of , looking out to the gloomy sky darkening Olivia’s mild happiness.School life was an unlivley repeating routine . Olivia Sat in bordem putting up a wall holding back her longing tears wishing they could go home.

Weeks rumbled by , and days got duller and duller . Late one evening , Miss bearing lit her candle with the fire light and carefully placed it inside a pitch black lantern lit up now by a fiery peach glow .She beckoned her with a flick of her wrist , as the heavy iron door slammed shut behind us .

The clouds were rumbling and the wind loudly whistled ,spinning through the air , tiptoeing on the grass . Miss bearing slid her rain coat on and pulled the hud down to her chin , holding her lantern high as she looked back at me with a stern glare .She followed ahead ,as Olivia hurried to follow . Miss bearing stopped . Confused Olivia frowned , then Miss bearing started flashing her lantern near a large bush . Olivia couldn’t seem to recognise where they were , as she scarsily stepped closer ,perking her head to one side .

A large low toned growel taunted , and she lepped  back weary of what lay behind the bush . Suddenly a pair of emerald eyes glared without hesitation at her .Eventually , an obtuse animal hurdled out .

“ this is lucky , found her when she was just a cub! “Miss bearing explained as Olivia stood in utter shock eyes pulled to the white tinted panther lay in front of her .

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