Long winter days stretched ahead like a criminal on a medieval torture machine. Every day, James would check his snares and wander the miles of fields around him. Without realising, the fields of lavender and foxgloves, the ashen-coloured trees, and the sapphire water of the streams became more familiar to him than the bustling streets and grimy buildings of London. Unlike London, the countryside was full of messy splotches of colourful fields, the sparkling water of the azure rivers and whistling wind in the clean, blue sky.

“Luna, it’s morning…” James mumbled. Luna made a half growl noise and stirred. It had been a long night for both of them. They had been up playing all night and they had only had few ours sleep. The excitement of being off school for 4 weeks was uncontrollable, as this meant that he would be able to spend as much time as he wanted with Luna. Which he wished could be all the time.

Although the fact of having a pet jaguar is pretty exiting, James would still worry about someone finding out about Luna and how that would be horrible, even though that he knew that, under the protection of the fearsome Ms. Grumbly, no-one would find her that easily. Until now!

One day, whilst stalking the edge of the forest in a blizzard, James’ ears picked up a terrified wail and the deep growl of Luna, in the depths of the forest. James rushed through the forest, not stopping until the clearing with Luna’s cave was reached. That was when he saw Billie Stupid, James’ school’s bully, screaming his head off. James quickly darted in front of Billie and slipped a dead rabbit from his pocket, which had succumbed to one of the snares. Slowly, he edged towards Luna. At the sight of the rabbit, Luna turned away from the bully, although he deserved to be eaten, and took the smaller prey instead. After that, James made his way through the forest and back into the village.

The secret that had been kept for so long was out into the open world. Later that night, he and Ms. Grumbly talked long into the night about how they could keep Luna safe. “Maybe we could move her to a different location like in the fields?” James suggested, “After all, there were five valleys that led away from the village and each valley had wooded slopes where surely an animal like Luna could live unbothered.”

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