Chapter 4

Chapter 1

Olivia Hemworth never wanted to leave home. Slowly she scrambled out of bed , head held low as she peered out onto the dripping rain tumble down the dull window pain , as grey clouds clustered overhead .Attics aren’t made to be bedrooms , she thought every morning when shed wake up to a newly weaved delicate spider web swinging above her head . That’s the 57th one we’ve gotten this month , she’d silently sigh to her self .Miss bearing screeched ,

“ get up ! “ this was a daily wake up call for her ,so she was used to the urgency she beckoned upon her to awake ready for dull school . At the table , a bowl of lumpy porridge was plopped down in front of her splattering across her hand as she reached for the petite , cracked wooden spoon laying on the bowls rim.

Her first day of school came and left for what seemed like forever .Sat at her desk ,she listened uninterested as her eyes wondered of , looking out to the gloomy sky darkening Olivia’s mild happiness.School life was an unlivley repeating routine . Olivia Sat in bordem putting up a wall holding back her longing tears wishing they could go home.

Weeks rumbled by , and days got duller and duller . Late one evening , Miss bearing lit her candle with the fire light and carefully placed it inside a pitch black lantern, lit up now by a fiery peach glow .She beckoned her with a flick of her wrist , as the heavy iron door slammed shut behind us . She scurried to follow .

The clouds were rumbling and the wind loudly whistled ,spinning through the air , tiptoeing on the grass . Miss bearing slid her rain coat on and pulled the hud down to her chin , holding her lantern high as she looked back at me with a stern glare .She followed ahead ,as Olivia hurried to follow . Miss bearing stopped . Confused Olivia frowned , then she  started flashing her lantern near a large bush . Olivia couldn’t seem to recognise where they were , as she scarsily stepped closer ,perking her head to one side .

A large low toned growel taunted , and she lepped  back weary of what lay behind the bush . Suddenly a pair of emerald eyes glared without hesitation at her .Eventually , an obtuse animal hurdled out .

“ this is lucky , found her when she was just a cub! “Miss bearing explained as Olivia stood in utter shock eyes pulled to the white tinted panther lay in front of her .

Chapter 2

Miss bearing lead us both carefully down the rock scrambles as we slowly sat down as she explained the story behind the past .

“ I used to travel , and one day I was hiking into a dull rainforest as hail crashed down , when I came across her . She was only a cub and look abandoned,possibly because they couldn’t afford to feed her anymore , what with the war and all . Poor thing , my heart opened up to her and I took her in as my own.”

Olivia sat crouched ( trying to avoid the soggy moss laid on the slippery rock she sat on ) and was in utter disbelief so she just let the silence slowly pass by . Contemplating the situation in her head she eventually said ,

“ how old is she ? “

Braking the science smoothly , the wind fluttering past her hair as the storm started to settle .

“ Oh by now I’d say she’s about 6 , she’s a beautiful beast  in’she “Miss bearing rattled on seeping her fingers through lucky’s soft locks , brushing past her ears .

Awkwardly, Olivia looked down at her fingers lost for words , fiddling with a twig as it cracked in her hands .

“ we best be of then , come on we need to get ya into bed , hurry up now !”

Miss bearing lead the way home as Olivia stumbled on her own feet .back at the house the fire crackled and lit up Olivia’s eyes as they glimpsed into the deep depths of the pitch black coal .

“ goodnight Olivia “

Chapter 3

The nights got duller and duller and the snow blanketed on the thatched roof , sending chills in her repeated nightmares. Olivia had been relocated to a place safer for her , but she didn’t want to go , she just wanted to be home again but it was a hopeless dream of hers . Still as the days rolled by every night Olivia would sneak off after school into the woods crouching side by side to lucky as she’d run her stubby hand through the long locks  by her ears as she’s lay hopping on her back . Olivia’s new home had already taken in a small thin boy and was not happy about her.

Many times Olivia thought to tell billy her secret but every time she tried she imagined the difficulty of hiding it from gorge ( her owner ) . Her heart flickered on lucky every night ,wishing she saw her more often as there bond slowly grew secure and strong . Almost inseparable.One boring day crawled by but relief blew by when the peircing school rusted bell screeched .on her way trodding by to lucky the clouds darkened and I noticed something lurking behind following slowly . Olivia turned Slightly and flinched .

“ hello ? “ she called out , but got no answer. Olivia pulled her yellow rain coat hud down slightly and hesitatingly carried on forward as rain came crashing down .

Chapter 4

“ emm hello where are you going ?” A creaked voice stammered .

“ who are you ? Show your self ! “ Olivia boomed turning her shoulder looking left and right . Slowly , a small shadow creeped out of a bush , it was her brother,well sort  of,She couldn’t tell by the light golden glow of the street lights .

“ ohh it’s you billy , shouldn’t you be in bed by now ?” The shadow trotted of into the far distance . Olivia ran and ran as fast she could go but she couldn’t move it was to fast , what would she tell George ?Billy was never found that night .

That was 80 years ago , Olivia was now 90 doing well with a family of her own , and even sometimes she’d keep in touch with Miss Bearing ! They would have brunch at the local cafe well at least until she sadly passed away and was morned dearly by Olivia ( who now went by the name , rose which was her middle name )They never found lucky after that night and after all those years together Miss bearing was heartbroken. We all dearly missed him and looked all over the place from that night on , then and the 69th day she was reported as dead .

Still every night as she lay in her sattern gown in her rusty bed she’d look out of the window on the gloomiest of days and would question what happened that one vile and stormy night when billy  went missing as she blamed her self for the traumatic experience but the real question was, What was he doing that night ?

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