Mr Dahcas secret

Chapter 4

The next day it was absolutely chucking it down. Rain was trickling down the road, dripping from the gutters and splashing back from the ground. It looked as if it was rain for eternity. “This is it, The Flood.” Mr Dacha quietly muttered under his breath to himself, “The flood The flood” he kept on repeating it looking out at the rain to stretching his head to look up to the dull grey skies. “The flood, it’s happening.” He edged louder. 

“May I ask, what is this flood you’re on about Mr Dacha?” I politely asked.

He told me that this was the end. We had all sinned , this was God’s revenge. I think he’s gone mad.

I asked him what he means about sinning, God forgives everyone for their sins. 

“It’s nothing, go to bed.” He grouchily said

It was 9:00am.

I went upstairs to my bedroom anyway because I didn’t want to put up the the hassle.

When it had struck 10:00pm Mr Dacha went out again to do his weekly routine. Maggie was sick of this , she was going to be extra secretive and find out what was going on.



That was all 57 years ago , although Maggie was still in touch with Mr Dacha , they sent each other lovely text messages almost everyday. Until January 2nd 2079. That day, Maggie would never forget. 

She remembered about Mr Dacha always going out at night and she was destined to find out waphatcit was now that she was older. It kept her awake at night , so she finally decided to message Mr Dacha and ask him about it. 

After  extremely long paragraphs , Maggie found out some extremely devastating news. Shebfound out the secret. Mr Dacha , was trying to sell her for MONEY! Maggie didn’t know what to think….she was devastated….

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